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Spaghetti Vegie

Spaghetti Veggie

I thought I might explain "Spaghetti Veggie" for anyone who has never heard of it/grown it.

The plant grows similar to a Pumpkin and has football shaped fruit (that's Aussie rules football I should add). These are a creamy colour that have green tinged stripes although these are not very prominent and only appear on the top side (well mine did anyhow). They look similar to a Butternut Pumpkin minus the "ladies waist/hour glass" part.
You harvest them similarly to a Pumpkin and to use them cut them lengthways in half, scoop out the seeds of one half and then smear butter inside the cavity formed. Taking Glad Wrap cover the half and microwave until soft. Obviously microwaves differ in strength so just keep checking. I usually do two lots of 4 minutes on ours. Taking care (it is hot after all) remove the plastic wrap and using a fork scrape the contents onto a plate (I usually scrape it directly onto the plates as I serve). The spaghetti looking noodles are sweet and have their own unique flavour. We tend to serve them alongside mashed Potato. 

One half of the Spaghetti Veggie will serve 4 people easily and the other half will store covered in  the fridge for a few days.