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January 19, 2023


I accidentally stumbled across a relatively unknown (despite being an ancient form of gardening) method using raised garden beds. Admittedly this form of gardening most likely didn't utilise corrugated iron raised beds back in the day like I do, but the principle remains the...
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September 25, 2021
A friend (and somewhat mentor gardener), known locally as Bare Foot Brian, came to me with a concept to prevent his back yard being washed down and across the road whenever it rained. Basically he wanted some sheets of corrugated iron rolled up into semi circles (Brian calle...
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Our Wicking Bed system

May 15, 2021
The first Wicking Bed I made was 14 years ago and I chose to do one of the unique corner/heart/kidney shapes we do. I simply put a bottom on it and then sealed it. As I was a "newby" I went by the book so to speak. I put an overflow pipe in at a predeterm...
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Wicking Beds

May 5, 2021
Funnily enough Wicking Beds are not a new concept by a long stretch of the imagination. However, in Australia they are only just starting to catch on.I'm not quite sure if it is the media attention from all the reality gardening and self sustainability shows or the "monkey s...
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To grow nice straight carrots is something a lot of home gardeners find troublesome. I have grown them successfully plenty of times: on the Facebook page I have videos of the carrots I have grown -  nice straight and actually easy to grow. The secret is (and i...
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Growing Celery

April 14, 2021
During my journey from just tank maker to also being a garden bed maker I have discovered quite a few tricks. Some have been as a result of outside influence, some direct teaching from those wiser about gardening than me and some by pure accident. There have also been some e...
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